Amy Bennett

Professional Dancer

Private Lessons
Whether your taking your first steps on the dance floor or an experienced dancer. Private lessons are your tool to help you learn and improve your dancing.

Amy is able to help any level dancer of any age from toddlers right through to seniors . Your private lessons will be tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Amy will develop a special unique dance program for each student that includes your goals, gives you structure and allows you to see your progress.

Private lessons may be taken alone or attended with a partner, they are scheduled at your convenience within Amy’s teaching hours from 10am -10pm at various dance studio locations across Los Angeles.

Your lesson will take 45 minutes and you can use that time to learn a variety of different dance styles. Amy has over 20 years dance experience and is a certified dance teacher with the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers USA. She can teacher a number of dances and styles including:

Jive Salsa
Hustle Waltz
Samba Tango
Rumba Foxtrot
Bachata Cha cha
Merengue Quickstep
Paso Doble Viennese waltz
West Coast Swing East Coast Swing

If your unsure about some of those dances go to my about the dances page to learn a bit about them first.

Group Classes
Group classes are slightly different from private lessons. During a group class you will share your lesson with a number of other eager students all learning how to dance. You will be encouraged to dance with one another, socialise and help each other grow. Group class are a friendly, relaxed environment you will cover various
elements of dance including steps, timing and footwork.

Wedding Dance
Getting your wedding dance just right takes time and practice but having that moment together as a memory for ever makes it totally worth it . You’ll grow as a team and have fun whilst Amy choreographs you wedding dance. It can be anything from simply moving across the dance floor with one another to fancy footwork, tricks and dips. It will be an experience you won’t forget, not to mention the priceless video footage you’ll get.